L44 Moving Forward

Latinos44 has built a solid base of membership and held two successful retreats.  The organization continues to be the standard-bearer for all other “44” organizations.  Since, the end of the Obama Administration, many Latinos44 members have moved outside of the District and have settled in communities across the country.  Members have landed in various industries but are continuing to promote and participate in causes and actions that concern the community.  Further, the Latinos44 membership is unique in that we have a diverse cadre of subject matter experts who can address some of the country’s most arduous political and policy-based challenges. 

We’re faced with the task to encourage further professional development, foster new leadership, and build a future infrastructure that will allow for sustainability and scalability of the organization.  Fortunately, we have resources on hand to assist with membership growth and support.  Latinos44 is stepping into uncharted territory, but our goals are abundantly clear: we need to empower one another to fight policy-based and political challenges that affect our community, continue to build strength in sectors and subject areas where representation is historically low, and leverage our collective relationships to accelerate professional development that will poise Latinos44 members to lead in the next like-minded Administration starting from day zero.

This strategic document outlines key challenges and priorities for this year.


Capacity Building and Infrastructure

Latinos44 has established a core membership.  However we must keep our members connected, acknowledge dues-paying members, recognize contributions across the membership, and organize around industry, experience, and career positions—there will be opportunities where we must have the ability to recruit or tap members for specific opportunities at a moment’s notice.  To build a stronger organization, the Latinos44 Board has decided to invest in membership infrastructure.  This will entail: 

· Investing in a memberships association platform to house membership data

· Recruiting a data management committee, and provide access to chapters

· Continuing to recruit new dues-paying members and ensure current ones are recognized

· Launching the Latinos44 website and set a regular newsletter schedule


Political Action

Latinos44 is a 501(c)(6) and therefore cannot actively engage in partisan political activity.  However, this does not hinder the organization’s ability to organize around various issues, causes, or actions.  Further, we are able to provide trainings, consultations, and leverage our network to provide opportunities for members to engage civically and politically as individuals.  Latinos44 is fortunate to have members who previously and are currently running for elected office.  Our community is facing critical issues across the country and we have the opportunity to leverage our collective expertise in organizing, policy, legislation, and industry.  The Latinos44 Board has elected to explore formalizing our political action activity.  This will entail: 

· Exploring the establishment of an affiliate Latinos44 organization to build political power

· Engaging Latinos44 memberships in the decision-making process regarding political action


Regional Leadership and Chapter Development

Latinos44 members are now spread throughout the country.  We currently have critical masses in Southern California, the California Bay Area, New York, Texas, Florida, and greater DC region.  By establishing Latinos44 regional chapters we will empower and encourage regional leadership and create geographic diversity in regards to interaction and future development.  This will expand our capacity and provide an incentive to bolster and grow our membership.  The chapters will be provided resources for membership building activities and programming.  The Latinos44 Board has elected to explore forming chapters in the aforementioned regions.  This will entail:

· Working with regional membership to recruit regional leader, provide resources, and launch new chapters

· Encouraging regional chapters to have their own trainings/retreats with the focus on electoral, issue campaign, civic engagement activities


Professional Development and Opportunity Creation

A number of members have landed professionally, while others have found employment that allows them to continue their professional search and development.  The current Latinos44 Google group has been an effective job-posting platform.  However, there is much we can still do strategically to leverage our collective relationships to identify professional opportunities for career ladder focused employment.  We will establish a transparent professional growth structure and program that will seek to strategically create pipelines based on career paths.  Similar to the PPO model, Latinos44 will explore establishing various professional development cohorts where opportunities can be shared and mentorship can be given.  Three potential areas of focus could be career/leadership development, skills development, and career ladder support.  The Latinos44 Board has elected to engage membership to explore the creation of career-focused cohorts.  This will entail:

· Identifying key areas to build cohorts around via Latinos44 membership feedback (i.e. National Security, Tech, NGO’s, Philanthropy)

· Connecting Latinos44 members to establish cohorts and identify mentor/mentee opportunities


Senior Member Professional Development Roles

Latinos44 will leverage senior would-be members who were past cabinet-level leadership.  We have the opportunity to reach out to past cabinet-level members and provide them with guidance on how they can leverage their own network and resources to further promote Latinos44 and our members.  These former senior Administration leaders are now in positions to influence boards, commissions, fellowships, leadership development programs, and have established pipelines into various sectors.  The Latinos44 Board has elected to reach out to senior cabinet-level members to better connect them to the organization.  This will entail:



· Exploring the hosting of a former senior leader roundtable event to identify priorities and long-term outlook for Latinos44 development

· Adopting a no “free-rider” policy, regardless of the level of seniority, all members will pay dues