Obama Alums: Mr. President, Restore American Values to Your Policies


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WASHINGTON — Former appointees who served under the Obama Administration today called for the Trump Administration to immediately reunite children who have been ripped away from their parents, end indefinite family detention, and respect the right to seek asylum.

“Watching policies be torn to shreds, and children who may never see their parents again, drove us to speak out,” said Nate Snyder, Chair of Latinos44.  “We cannot stand by as our former co-workers, career officials, are forced to carry out in humane and undemocratic policies of the Trump Administration. We ask President Trump to restore our American and democratic values to these policies.”

Latinos44, an alumni association representing over 500 former Latino appointees who served across federal government under the Obama Administration, call for the restoration of democracy, justice and respect to the policies affecting immigrants who arrive at our borders and those who seek asylum in our country.

In a letter addressed to President Trump, the alumni association points out that the ‘zero tolerance’ policy is a fundamental departure from previous administrations’ policies under both Democratic and Republican presidents.  The letter comes on the heels of news that over 700 kids in custody still have not been reunited with their parents, despite a court ordered deadline. Particularly concerning is the government’s assertion that some parents “are not eligible or available for reunification.”

Full text of the letter is as follows:

July 30, 2018

President Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Mr. President,

As former Obama Administration appointees who served our country with integrity in line with our nation’s democratic values, we call on your administration to reunite families without delay, end indefinite detention of families, ensure due process and respect the right to seek asylum in this country.

Like the majority of Americans, we have been mortified by the images and stories of young children torn away from their parents after crossing into the United States. We are deeply concerned that your ‘zero tolerance’ policy has caused trauma, distress, and long-term consequences for innocent children. As of the July 26th deadline for reunification, we are concerned that over 700 children have yet to be reunited.

As former federal officials who served across federal government in the White House, Department of Homeland Security - including at ICE and CBP, Department of Justice, National Security Council, Department of State, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice, and other agencies, we know we can both protect our border and treat migrants with dignity and compassion.

The ‘zero tolerance’ policy is a fundamental departure from previous administrations’ policies and turns its back on our American values. While the Obama Administration responded to a real crisis when the number of unaccompanied minors surged, today’s situation is a manufactured crisis. The increase in child detainees separated from parents stems directly from a change in enforcement policy suddenly devised by your Administration without considering its impact.

The blind replacement of prosecutorial discretion with ‘zero tolerance’ not only targets individuals who are merely fleeing violence for a better life, or seeking asylum but also it wastes limited federal resources that could be used to prosecute dangerous criminals and continue to secure our borders. These actions are actually making our communities less safe and come at a steep cost to the American taxpayers.  

Latinos44 represents over 500 former Latinos were appointed public servants under the Obama Administration and who remain committed to the ideals that inspired us to serve our country. Democracy, justice, fairness, respect, and opportunity for all are undermined by the current response to the situation at the border.  

We stand together to denounce this un-American policy that breaks apart families, fails to protect innocent children, and weakens our security.


Nate Snyder

Chair, Former Principal Countering Violent Extremism Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Oliva Lopez

Vice Chair, Former Official, Office of Strategic Partnerships, The Peace Corps

Daniel Suvor

Treasurer, Former Senior Director for Cabinet Affairs, The White House

Fatima Cuevas

Secretary, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Stephanie Valencia

Inaugural Co-Chair and Board Member. Former Special Assistant to the President and Principal Deputy Director for the Office of Public Engagement, The White House

Laura Marquez

Inaugural Co-Chair and Board Member. Former Director for Recruitment and Outreach for the Office of Presidential Personnel, The White House

Marco Davis

Inaugural Treasurer and Board Member. Former Deputy Director, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, The White House



How to Help Immigrant Families


1) Follow us Twitter for updates and additional resources: @Latinos44

2) Sign Up for a Families Belong Together rally next week near you at familiesbelongtogether.org

3) Support Groups at the Border to Support Today Who are Doing Great Work




The Rio Grande Valley sector in Texas (RGV sector) is a priority because the volume of prosecutions of parents being separated in McAllen & Brownsville is quite high in comparison to other places.

@netargv   They are some of the best story-tellersof the border region and they are also taking donations for families sleeping outside of ports of entry in extreme heat. Here's ‪@netargv's fundraiserto help volunteers who go to Mexico to assist these families outside.They need Diapers, Underwear, Bras, Baby wipes, etc.

@LUPE_rgv    One of the most powerful & inspirational organizations is ‪@LUPE_rgv. If you want to help people power grow in this region donate here:

@TXCivilRights   We can create more accountability if immigrant-supporting civil rights impact litigators have the resources they need to try to intervene in this process in as many ways as possible. One TX based organization doing amazing work is ‪@TXCivilRights. They need help to cover more proceedings in more courthouses so that litigators trying to stop this have a better sense as to what is happening as this process lacks transparency across the board. You can donate here.

@RAICESTEXAS    Once parents are separated and prosecuted some move back over into DHS custody and get moved around to other detention centers. This is where having more lawyers who work inside detention centers to help figure out how to get these parents back w/ their kids is important. @RAICESTEXAS has a bond fund to help reunited families and fight their cases from the outside. You can support that bond fund here:

@CCharitiesRGV      You can clean your closet & supply cabinets and clothing donations to Catholic Charities RGV’sshelter for refugees. People arrive with nothing and this place helps clean, feed and clothe them.

Here is a list of items needed and a link to their Amazon Wish List:

·       Toiletries for men and women (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, etc.)

·       Shoes (sandals, tennis shoes, loafers, etc.) for men, women, children and infants of all sizes

·       Clothes (pants, t-shirts, blouses, underclothing, etc.) for children and adults of all sizes

·       Baby supplies for toddlers (Pampers, baby wipes, baby bottles, etc.)

·       Sealed snack food (granola bars, chips, peanut butter & cheese crackers, etc.)

·       Gift cards to purchase food items

·       Phone cards

·       Plastic bags for families to pack sandwiches, snacks, and water for their trip


Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)- https://www.supportkind.org    Is one of the leading groups in the country providing legal defense.

National Immigrant Justice Center




Volunteer Attorney Sign up (organized by Natalie Montelongo) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdo8pbEeOLfcgk20i3Cjobuk4SXBhi3hQ8JrzfUUvIpqWsM3w/viewform?c=0&w=1

Volunteer Attorney Sign Up (organized by Francey)                          http://caraprobono.org/volunteer/

The Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law seeks volunteer lawyers, translators, doctors and social workers for Court-Approved Detention Site Inspections and Interviews with Detained Minors (JUNE 2018 - JULY 2018)

The primary purpose of the visits is to monitor compliance with the Flores Settlement, dealing with conditions of detention and the release of immigrant minors.


Berks Pa. - Thursday 6/28 and Friday 6/29 ( e-mail Carroll Chang Tuesday morning carrolchang at gmail.com)

CBP FACILITIES (may include children separated from parents)

El Centro - Wednesday 6/27 and Thursday 6/28

Santa Teresa - Monday 7/2 and Tuesday 7/3

Yuma - Monday 6/25 and Tuesday 6/26

San Ysidro - Thursday 7/5 and Friday 7/6

Casa Padre - Pending, proposed dates are between July 6-9

ORR/Southwest Key (probably include children separated from parents)

Firm dates to be set. We have proposed July 6-9, 2018.

You may join more than one inspection.

To participate, or find out more, please email: djimenez at centerforhumanrights.org and pschey at centerforhumanrights.org.


If you haven't already done so, please immediately download the required code of conduct form, available through the link below, print it, sign, date, and please scan and email your signature page with a copy of a government issued photo ID to:

Djimenez at centerforhumanrights.org and pschey@centerforhumanrights.org or fax to 213-386-9484.

ICE CODE OF CONDUCT FORM AVAILABLE AT: http://files.constantcontact.com/…/aeec1971-fe86-4749-99b4-…


Informed Immigrant                

Everything said about Texas is needed everywhere else right now, so check out Informed Immigrant plug in your zip code find out what organizations are near you and help by volunteering there!.



For those interested in helping the children and families separated by the recent raid in Sandusky Ohio, advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE) has multiple opportunitiesto help.

Because enforcement is increasing, and the system is being jammed in different ways, there are not enough lawyers to advocate on behalf of individuals and families facing deportation

Run campaigns in your cities, counties & states demanding your government(s) fund legal services for people going through the deportation process. Many cities and states have invested in this over the last few years, so it is possible. It is similar to the general concept of access to counsel and due process, and trying to be a locality that does not want to just give a green light to the increased enforcement of this administration. Winning these campaigns can help get more lawyers in more detention centers

L44 & Secretary Arnie Duncan Travel to PR to Help Island

L44 & Secretary Arnie Duncan Travel to PR to Help Island

A group of #44 Alumni traveled to Puerto Rico six months after Hurricane Maria hit the island to help those still struggling in its aftermath. Thank you for continuing to help the island and bring attention to its needs.


Please find an article on the trip here: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/former-white-house-leaders-artists-stateside-puerto-ricans-keep-focus-n857416


Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/swamped/id1342818436?mt=2

L44 Moving Forward

Latinos44 has built a solid base of membership and held two successful retreats.  The organization continues to be the standard-bearer for all other “44” organizations.  Since, the end of the Obama Administration, many Latinos44 members have moved outside of the District and have settled in communities across the country.  Members have landed in various industries but are continuing to promote and participate in causes and actions that concern the community.  Further, the Latinos44 membership is unique in that we have a diverse cadre of subject matter experts who can address some of the country’s most arduous political and policy-based challenges. 

We’re faced with the task to encourage further professional development, foster new leadership, and build a future infrastructure that will allow for sustainability and scalability of the organization.  Fortunately, we have resources on hand to assist with membership growth and support.  Latinos44 is stepping into uncharted territory, but our goals are abundantly clear: we need to empower one another to fight policy-based and political challenges that affect our community, continue to build strength in sectors and subject areas where representation is historically low, and leverage our collective relationships to accelerate professional development that will poise Latinos44 members to lead in the next like-minded Administration starting from day zero.

This strategic document outlines key challenges and priorities for this year.


Capacity Building and Infrastructure

Latinos44 has established a core membership.  However we must keep our members connected, acknowledge dues-paying members, recognize contributions across the membership, and organize around industry, experience, and career positions—there will be opportunities where we must have the ability to recruit or tap members for specific opportunities at a moment’s notice.  To build a stronger organization, the Latinos44 Board has decided to invest in membership infrastructure.  This will entail: 

· Investing in a memberships association platform to house membership data

· Recruiting a data management committee, and provide access to chapters

· Continuing to recruit new dues-paying members and ensure current ones are recognized

· Launching the Latinos44 website and set a regular newsletter schedule


Political Action

Latinos44 is a 501(c)(6) and therefore cannot actively engage in partisan political activity.  However, this does not hinder the organization’s ability to organize around various issues, causes, or actions.  Further, we are able to provide trainings, consultations, and leverage our network to provide opportunities for members to engage civically and politically as individuals.  Latinos44 is fortunate to have members who previously and are currently running for elected office.  Our community is facing critical issues across the country and we have the opportunity to leverage our collective expertise in organizing, policy, legislation, and industry.  The Latinos44 Board has elected to explore formalizing our political action activity.  This will entail: 

· Exploring the establishment of an affiliate Latinos44 organization to build political power

· Engaging Latinos44 memberships in the decision-making process regarding political action


Regional Leadership and Chapter Development

Latinos44 members are now spread throughout the country.  We currently have critical masses in Southern California, the California Bay Area, New York, Texas, Florida, and greater DC region.  By establishing Latinos44 regional chapters we will empower and encourage regional leadership and create geographic diversity in regards to interaction and future development.  This will expand our capacity and provide an incentive to bolster and grow our membership.  The chapters will be provided resources for membership building activities and programming.  The Latinos44 Board has elected to explore forming chapters in the aforementioned regions.  This will entail:

· Working with regional membership to recruit regional leader, provide resources, and launch new chapters

· Encouraging regional chapters to have their own trainings/retreats with the focus on electoral, issue campaign, civic engagement activities


Professional Development and Opportunity Creation

A number of members have landed professionally, while others have found employment that allows them to continue their professional search and development.  The current Latinos44 Google group has been an effective job-posting platform.  However, there is much we can still do strategically to leverage our collective relationships to identify professional opportunities for career ladder focused employment.  We will establish a transparent professional growth structure and program that will seek to strategically create pipelines based on career paths.  Similar to the PPO model, Latinos44 will explore establishing various professional development cohorts where opportunities can be shared and mentorship can be given.  Three potential areas of focus could be career/leadership development, skills development, and career ladder support.  The Latinos44 Board has elected to engage membership to explore the creation of career-focused cohorts.  This will entail:

· Identifying key areas to build cohorts around via Latinos44 membership feedback (i.e. National Security, Tech, NGO’s, Philanthropy)

· Connecting Latinos44 members to establish cohorts and identify mentor/mentee opportunities


Senior Member Professional Development Roles

Latinos44 will leverage senior would-be members who were past cabinet-level leadership.  We have the opportunity to reach out to past cabinet-level members and provide them with guidance on how they can leverage their own network and resources to further promote Latinos44 and our members.  These former senior Administration leaders are now in positions to influence boards, commissions, fellowships, leadership development programs, and have established pipelines into various sectors.  The Latinos44 Board has elected to reach out to senior cabinet-level members to better connect them to the organization.  This will entail:



· Exploring the hosting of a former senior leader roundtable event to identify priorities and long-term outlook for Latinos44 development

· Adopting a no “free-rider” policy, regardless of the level of seniority, all members will pay dues



Professional Development Opportunities

Interested in exploring new subjects or deepening your area of expertise? Take a moment to explore the following fellowship opportunity announcements.

 Atlantic Council: Millennium Fellowship: Seeking leaders,
innovators, and agents of change, ages 25-35, to join our
growing, multidisciplinary, and international community of
fellows at the Atlantic Council. / Due March 1, 2018

 George N. Lindsay Fellowship: 1-year fellowship for recent
law school graduates to work with civil rights experts and gain
legal experience in Washington, D.C.
https://lawyerscommittee.org/george-n- lindsay-fellowship

 Rotary Peace Fellowship: Fully funded academic fellowships
at peace centers in Australia, England, Japan, Sweden,
Thailand and the U.S. with options to pursue a master’s
program or work on other shorter-term projects
www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/peace- fellowships

 America Solidaria Fellowship: 1-year fellowships in Latin
America helping communities living in poverty and inequality
through capacity-building projects in education, health and
economic development
http://hus.americasolidaria.org/informate/apply-today- to-serve-
for-a- year-in- latin-america- march-2018- 2019/

 McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends: An exchange between
German and American experts in different fields to address
global trends and other important topics related to the
transatlantic agenda


 Congressional Fellowships on Women and Public
Policy: 8-month fellowship in Washington, DC for current or
recent graduate students to gain direct experience in policy
formation and examining issues of importance to women
https://womenspolicy.org/our-work/congressional- fellows

 Eisenhower USA Fellowships: For U.S. leaders, age 32-45,
spend 4-5 weeks overseas on an itinerary designed to enhance
professional and personal growth and develop new contacts

Alumni Highlights: Running for Office Edition

We are proud of Latinos44 members are running for office at the federal and local level all across the country. Read their bios, platform, and additional information their communities they hope to serve by visiting their individual pages.

Ammar Campa-Najjar is running for Congress in CA-50 www.campacampaign.com

January Contreras running for Attorney General of AZ www.januaryforaz.com

Judy Canales is running for Congress in TX-23 www.judycanales.org

Sam Jammal is running for CA-39 www.sam4congress.com

Lisa Hunter is running to be the Ward 6 Council in DC www.lisahunterforward6.com


If you have any updates that you would like for us to share on Latinos44 social media or on the next newsletter please fill out forms below.

Want us to share your good news?  Fill out an announcement form  here

Have a new job?  Moved?  Update your information here



Alumni Where Are They Now

We have exciting news from alumni around the country who are starting new ventures, taking on new leadership roles, and continuing to fight for issues that are important to our community.

Read the highlights!

  • Ana Maria Archileagos was named President of Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP).
  • Karina Cabrera Bell is hosting her own podcast, Reach Mama, aimed at working moms. Check it out on Twitter: @reachmama and Insta: @reachmamapodcast
  • Alejandra Castillo was named the CEO of the YWCA.
  • Alejandra Ceja was named Executive Director of the Panasonic Foundation
  • Teresa Chaurand has joined Stand for Children as their Chief Talent and Equity Officer.
  • Jacqueline Cortez-Wang has joined GMMB as Vice President of Issues Communications.
  • Melody Gonzales has joined the National Education Association (NEA) as Senior Policy and Program Analyst.
  • Vanessa Gonzalez began work as Adjunct Faculty in the Social Work Program at the University of Maryland in addition to her job at Center for American Progress (CAP).
  • Angela Manso has joined National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) as their Washington Director of Policy and Legislation.
  • Natalie Montelongo joined the Immigrant Rights Team as the National Campaign Strategist at the ACLU. In addition Natalie runs her own small business to empowers Latinas through shirts, pins and more. Check it out at www.thefutureislatina.com
  • Oscar Ramirez launched InSight Public Affairs, a full service government and public relations firm with two Podesta Group colleagues. The firm will work on issues ranging from education and financial services to tech and telecom with a strong focus on innovation economy companies.
  • Cristela Solorio Ruiz was chosen for the Trabajadoras Fellowship at the Latino American Advancement (LCLAA).
  • Daniel Suvor was named one of the Top Latino Lawyers in the US by Latino Leaders Magazine.




If you have any updates that you would like for us to share on Latinos44 social media or on the next email newsletter please fill out forms below.

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Newly established organization aims to nurture and build the Latino leadership pipeline  

Washington, DC - This week former Obama Administration officials launched LATINOS44,  a 501(c)(6) alumni organization focused on promoting Latinos who are serving, or previously served, in politically appointed positions during President Obama’s Administration.  

LATINOS44 will serve as a national platform to provide ongoing connectivity, training and professional opportunities for its members. Additionally, LATINOS44 will build upon President Obama’s commitment to build a diverse leadership pipeline through leadership development events like this week’s inaugural retreat. The retreat will bring together over 150 current and past political appointees at all levels, and over 40 speakers and executive coaches who will provide their expertise on topics ranging from careers in the tech sector to breaking into the corporate and foundation worlds. 

Speakers and coaches at this weekend’s retreat include: Lisa Quiroz, President, Time Warner Foundation and Senior Vice President, at Time Warner Inc. Chief Diversity Officer; Michael Strautmanis, Vice President for Civic Engagement, Barack Obama Foundation; Ramona Romero, General Counsel, Princeton University, Janis Bowdler, Managing Director and Head of Workforce Initiatives, Global Philanthropy at JPMorgan Chase; Francisco Sanchez, Chairman, CNS Global Advisors; and representatives from Korn Ferry, Funny or Die, Univision, Google, Comcast, Verizon, GMMB, Estee Lauder, LATimes, Spotify, LinkedIn, The Raben Group, Podesta Group, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others.

"This Administration has been transformative for the Latino community - from the record number of Latino appointees at all levels of government, to moving the needle on the dropout rate, to increasing access to affordable and quality health care and fighting for immigration executive actions like DACA and DAPA. ” said Stephanie Valencia, Co-Chair of the LATINOS44 Steering Committee. “Latino appointees have made significant contributions across the Administration and LATINOS44 will continue building on the leadership pipeline that the President has invested in over the last eight years."

“Too often, we have heard from hiring managers in the public and corporate sectors that there are not enough qualified Latino candidates,” said Laura Marquez, Co-Chair of the LATINOS44 Steering Committee. “LATINOS44 is comprised of a talented group of individuals who raised their hand for public service, and have sharpened their skills working at the highest levels of government. As an alumni organization, we are committed to growing the capacity of our members so that we can continue advancing the issues of our community well beyond the close of President Obama’s Administration.” 

About the organization:

LATINOS44 is a 501c6, alumni organization for Latinos who served in the Obama Administration to provide connectivity and professional development beyond the President's term. The LATINOS44 Steering Committee is comprised of current and former Obama Appointees who served across the Administration: Erica Jacquez, Secretary; Marco Davis, Treasurer; Teresa Chaurand; Francesca de Quesada Covey; Fatima Cuevas; Irma Esparza; Ximena Gonzalez; Oliva Lopez; Linda Manus; Maria Perez; Jose Rico; Ramona Romero; Soledad Roybal; Alex Sanchez; Nate Snyder; and Katherine Vargas.